Building the Anti-Racist Classroom at Kent – 23rd May, 2019

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Staff and students from the University of Kent are invited to join this half day workshop on anti-racist practice and pedagogy in Higher Education. The workshop will be facilitated by Building the Anti-Racist Classroom (BARC)Collective, an international collective of women of colour academics, in collaboration with Decolonise UKC.

The workshop will provide a forum for people of colour and white allies to discuss and develop interventions that address racial discrimination and inequalities in Higher Education through participative activities that centre the voices and knowledge of students of colour.

Participants will be facilitated to play the Student Journey Game to highlight how white privilege structures the experiences of students of colour.

The session will close by reflecting on what the conversations have generated. We will ask participants to engage in developing actions supporting theDecolonise UKC Manifesto.

The workshop is funded by the Postgraduate Community Experience Awards.

Postgraduates who teach and who hope to continue working in academia are especially encouraged to attend.

The workshop is free and refreshments (coffee/tea) will be provided.

Due to the nature of this workshop, the organisers request that you attend the entire workshop as well as read and agree to these principled space guidelines.

Event Schedule:

2-3 pm – Opening lecture: will include introduction to race talk and terms 

3-5 pm – Student journey game and sharing 

5-6 pm – Strategising and action 

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