DecoloniseUKC in ‘Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Student Attainment at UK Universities: #ClosingTheGap’

“I would like to see more diversity in staff at the university. There is currently a barrier there, which more diverse staff would help overcome. it helps to see people you relate to.”

Joy Olugboyega, Student, University of Kent

Universities UK recently released a report surrounding the attainment gap for BAME students in Higher Education in the UK. The report explains the BAME attainment gap and presents research and evidence about how to successfully close the gap. These include:

  • strong leadership
  • conversations about race and culture
  • racially diverse, inclusive environments
  • evidence and analysis
  • what works

In gathering research, Joy Olugboyega from DecoloniseUKC was interviewed. She is part of the ‘Stripping the White Walls’ podcast team and expressed the necessity to amplify BAME student voices and to increase BAME staff to help support students.

See details from Joy’s interview here:

See full report from UUK here:

Special Thanks to Universities UK for allowing our project to be showcased in their report.

By Jasmyn Sargeant, Student, University of Kent

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