Stripping the White Walls – Ep 4: What is white privilege? ft Elliott Denton and Esther McNamara

In this episode we discuss how prevalent white privilege is not only in the education system but in the world (with reference to Peggy McIntosh’s bag analogy and discussing the ‘2019 College admissions bribery scandal),why it’s so important for our white counterparts to be aware of such privilege and what it means to be a white ally.

Stripping the White Walls – Ep 3: Decolonising Keynes with Special guest Anamika

This episode was based on a presentation by Anamika on the Keynes building at the University of Kent Canterbury campus, at the ‘Decolonise UKC’ conference (which might we just say was incredibly enlightening!!).
We decided to have an interview/discussion on what led her to embark on this among other things surrounding decolonising the curriculum.

SPECIAL EPISODE: “Decolonising A Fool’s Utopia”

The episode was a joint one between ‘Fool’s Utopia’, the official podcast of Center for Critical International Law and Stripping the White Walls. We talk about what decolonising means to us personally, what it meant historically within the subject of international law and its history and the possible connection between ‘White guilt’ and ‘White saviour’ complex seen in these conversations about imperialism , colonialism and post colonialism which may end up repeating themselves time and again.

Stripping the White Walls – Ep 2: Being Chained in the 21st Century

Listen, learn and engage with Ufnaan and Beatrice. Today’s discussion surrounded a picture of a black man chained. Different perspectives were given by the two hosts as well as viewers via Instagram live. Topics covered were ‘black is beautiful’, modern day slavery and why solidarity is needed at this university to break our own institutional chains.